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5 Common Drywall Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from AGP Drywall Contractors

Title: 5 Common Drywall Mistakes to Avoid: Insights from AGP Drywall Contractors


Drywall plays a crucial role in transforming the aesthetics and structural integrity of a space. Whether you are remodeling your home or constructing a new commercial building, the quality of drywall installation can make or break the final outcome. As experienced drywall contractors, AGP Drywall has witnessed numerous homeowners and builders fall victim to common mistakes that can lead to costly repairs and unsatisfactory results. In this blog post, we will share five common drywall mistakes to avoid, offering insights from AGP Drywall Contractors.

1. Insufficient Planning and Measurement

One of the biggest mistakes people make during a drywall project is rushing into installation without sufficient planning and accurate measurements. Failing to measure the wall, ceiling, or any other surface correctly can result in expensive miscalculations, leading to wasted materials and an uneven finish. AGP Drywall encourages customers to take their time, double-check measurements, and consult professionals for guidance to ensure accurate planning for their project.

2. Poor Hanging and Nailing Techniques

Achieving a flawless drywall finish starts with proper hanging techniques. Unfortunately, many people fail to attach the drywall sheets securely, resulting in sagging or cracking. Uneven nailing or screwing that fails to secure the sheets tightly to the studs can also lead to visible surface imperfections. AGP Drywall advises using appropriate spacing, ensuring every screw or nail is properly placed, and applying adequate pressure to prevent movement.

3. Ignoring Proper Joint Preparation

When it comes to drywall joint treatment, neglecting proper preparation is a common mistake. Failing to fill joints adequately, sand them smooth, and remove excess compound can result in visible seams, bubbling, and cracking. AGP Drywall recommends using the right joint compound consistency, applying multiple thin coats, and taking the time to feather the compound edges. Proper sanding and priming before painting are essential to achieve a seamless and professional-looking result.

4. Neglecting Proper Drywall Finishing Techniques

Drywall finishing requires finesse and attention to detail to achieve a polished appearance. Blending the joint compound seamlessly into the surrounding surfaces and avoiding excessive sanding are vital aspects of achieving a smooth finish. AGP Drywall emphasizes the importance of patience and recommends using proper drywall tools, such as taping knives and sanding blocks, to ensure a consistent texture throughout the entire installation.

5. Inadequate Electrical and Plumbing Preparation

Often overlooked, proper planning for electrical and plumbing outlets is crucial before installing drywall. Failure to account for these details can result in costly repairs or modifications in the future. AGP Drywall advises working closely with electricians and plumbers to ensure sufficient space, accessibility, and alignment for electrical outlets, switches, and plumbing connections. Properly integrated wiring and plumbing can save time, money, and potential damage to the drywall in the long run.


Avoiding common drywall mistakes is crucial for achieving a satisfactory final result while saving time and money. AGP Drywall understands the significance of these errors and the impact they can have on the outcomes of home renovation or construction projects. By planning ahead, using proper techniques, and seeking expert advice, customers can ensure excellent drywall installation that transforms their space into one they can be proud of. Remember, it’s always better to invest time and effort in doing things right the first time rather than dealing with costly repairs down the road. AGP Drywall Contractors are dedicated to providing expert advice and professional drywall services to help customers achieve their dream spaces hassle-free.