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How to hang Drywall: Guide to hanging Drywall

How to Accurately Hang Drywall Panels – Solo or with a Partner:

Materials You’ll Need:

– Drywall panels

– Drywall screws

– Screw gun

– T-square

– Utility knife

– Measuring tape

– A drywall lift (for solo installation)

– A partner (for partnered installation)

For Solo Installation:

1. Measure and Plan:

  – Measure the wall and plan the layout to minimize seams at corners.

2. Find Studs:

  – Locate and mark wall studs with a stud finder.

3. Start at the Top:

  – Position the first drywall panel vertically at the top corner, tapered edge up.

4. Screw in Place:

  – Use a lift or prop to hold the panel.

  – Start at the center, screw to the studs every 12 inches along edges, 16 inches in the field.

5. Cut for Outlets and Lights:

  – Mark outlet and light locations.

  – Use a utility knife to cut openings.

6. Repeat:

  – Continue hanging panels, staggering seams.

For Partner Installation:

Follow the same steps as solo, with a partner holding panels in place.

Finding Outlet and Light Locations:

1. Measure from a reference point to the center of outlets or lights.

2. Mark measurements on drywall at desired heights.

3. Cut out openings with a keyhole saw.

4. Install outlet boxes and fixtures per electrical codes.

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